Residential Roofing In Cork

Residential Roofing In Cork


If you are in need of a new roof, our team will work efficiently and effectively to replace your roof without delay.  Getting your home back in good repair will put your mind at ease and protect your investment.


Homeowners benefit from knowing the current condition of their roof which can help prevent problems before they occur.  Call us for an inspection if you notice curling on the bottom edge of roof, surface cracks, or shingles that appear brittle.  Catching it early will prevent future headaches.

Have your roof checked twice-yearly in order to prevent further damage to your home.  Prevent damage to plaster ceilings or roof timbers, replace broken slates or tiles, and reinstall those that are missing or slipped.

We Specialize In Roofing Repairs

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If you have any suspicions about the integrity of your roof don’t hesitate to call for a complimentary roof inspection and free estimate.  We are always available to schedule an inspection at a time that is convenient for you.  Our thorough inspection will give you peace of mind in knowing the status of your roof through our expert analysis and advice on the next steps to take.

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, know that with Cork Roofing Services, a local Cork Roofer, your roof will be prepared to withstand severe weather, free of leaks and evey defects, giving you piece of mind for your investment.  We have experience with a variety of roofing materials and would be happy to provide suggestions and information on the latest products to aid in the selection of your new roof.

We have professional experience with all manner of Roof and Roofing Repairs including:

• Slate
• Tiles
• Shingles
• Flat roofing
• Metal roofing
• Protective roof coatings

At Cork Roofing Services, protecting your investment is paramount.  While working at a client’s home, we always take care to provide you with exceptional service.  We know the importance of maintaining the integrity of your existing property while your home undergoes temporary construction.  In order to preserve your landscape and homestead we take all necessary preventative measures to avoid any damages, pick up debris using special tools, and use equipment that are minimally invasive, leaving no signs of disturbance.